Bahari Safi

Together with the fishers towards a plastic-free Indian ocean

Bahari Safi means "Clean Sea" in the Kenyan language, Swahili

Up to 15 million tons of plastic make its way into the Indian Ocean each year

Empowering coastal & fishing communities in Kenya

Fishers and other members of the coastal community can now earn more income from collecting plastic than from catching fish. The Bahari Safi project supports over 350 fishers in Kwale County by empowering them to collect abandoned nets, gear, and marine litter.

Our goal is to remove over 1.000 tones of marine plastic annually

This project incentivises and encourages the fishing communities to use more sustainable fishing practices, including reducing overfishing by pausing and limiting their fishing activities while collecting plastic. It also provides a supplemental source of income to an area experiencing some of the highest poverty rates in the country.


Circular Economy solutions

Transforming ocean plastic into treasure

All the collected ocean plastic is taken to Kwale Recycling Center, a local collection and recycling company that transports and processes it into useful materials and products.


Plastic Credits for inclusive & transparent circularity

A system solution to the ocean plastic challenge

A plastic credit is an environmental commodity that represents the collection or recycling of one tone of plastic material, which can be used in companies’ ESG, CSR, and sustainability programs.

This is why Enaleia and other professional entities, are collaborating with ClimeCo and the Kwale Recycling Center in Kenya, to make sure that the plastic will not only be collected but also integrated into the circular economy.

Through the plastic credit model, we can set up large-scale plastic cleanup projects, that can create a real impact on our oceans.