Bahari Safi

It means "Clean Sea" in the Kenyan language, Kiswahili, and is an innovative collaboration between organizations in Kenya and Greece which aims to collect plastic from the sea, in collaboration with professional fishermen, and discarded fishing gear. The ultimate goal is to reduce the impact they have on Kenya's economy and marine environment.

The action

Enaleia, together with the Watamu Marine Association and the Kwale Recycling Center, collect and recycle fishery equipment and plastic ocean waste in collaboration with maritime authorities, fisheries and Blue Economy leaders, beach management units and fishing communities.

This solution aims to create sustainable social and economic benefits for Kenya's local fishing communities by protecting the environment. In Kenya, the collection of marine plastic and used fishing equipment will take place, while Enaleia will facilitate the integration of this material in the circular economy, which will be recycled and upcycled into new products.


Bahari Safi starts in the Kwale and Kilifi areas and aims to extend along the coast of Kenya. The project is based on 5 main objectives:

  1. Increase the number of trained male and female fishers participating in the project.
  2. Increase the volume of collected fishing gear, nets and other marine plastic waste as the people in the fishing community are trained to properly collect and manage them.
  3. Increase the know-how and skills of the participants from the fishing community.
  4. Improve waste management equipment and marine litter management systems in local communities and monitor the impact of these efforts.
  5. Create and maintain a database with the results of the actions for better decision-making and policy-making in coastal areas.