• "Our trawler was one of the first ones included in Enaleia's project for fishing for litter. After two years, there are certain areas at the bottom of the sea, where the marine litter has decreased significantly compared to the situation as it was at the beginning of the project. This fact gives us the courage to continue." by Capt. Christos P. , Piraeus
  • “We were used to catching a lot of marine plastic, but we did not know what to do with it. Enaleia provides us with the opportunity to participate in an organized project and now we know exactly what to do with our plastic bycatches, as well as we know the impacts of the remaining of this plastic in the ocean.” by Capt. George M., Corfu
  • “We are happy with our collaboration with Enaleia because the work of Enaleia is extremely important so that we can have clean seas. Our daily catch has everything. There are many bags and plastic bottles, especially at the beginning of the fishing season ,which starts in October, at the end of the summer tourist period.” by Capt. Dimitris K., Crete

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