Clean Seas Campaign

A large cleanup in 8 locations in Greece.

On the occasion of the World Environment Day 2021 and the World Oceans Day 2021, Enaleia in collaboration with the Port Secretariat of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy under Secretary Kyriazopoulos Evangelos, and in the framework of the Clean Seas Campaign of the UN Environment Programme, implemented actions in 8 locations throughout Greece with the aim of cleaning ports and land port areas from marine litter.

Specifically, groups of divers dived into the waters of the ports, retrieving plastic and other materials from the seabed, while volunteers cleaned the areas and beaches near the ports. Bicycles, many car tires, sunken boats, plates, cables, nets, chairs, bottles (one expiring in 1992), crates, containers, a child car seat, a pram, a censer were some of the findings that volunteer divers “fished” from the bottom of the ports.

The total kilos of marine litter collected exceeded our expectations! In just 4 days we managed to collect

14.155,80 Kg!

Some of the collected materials will be integrated into the circular economy in collaboration with certified recycling partners, while some of them will be converted into new products, such as benches and trash cans, which will then be returned to the ports from which they were collected. Volunteer artists will also use some of this material to create works of art.

Specifically the marine litter collected from each port:

Rafina: 2,050.00 kg

Corfu: 1,150.00 kg

Lavrio: 5,270.00 kg

Chania: 1,770.00 kg

Samos: 1,670.00 kg

Kimi: 975.80 kg

Agios Nikolaos: 370.00 kg

Kefalonia (in 2 zones): 900.00 kg

Many volunteers, individuals and companies, have contributed to these actions and it is especially worth mentioning: regarding the collection and transportation Antipollution, regarding recording, waste processing and the integration of the material into the circular economy Keep Sea Blue and Skyplast. Special mention to the Costas M. Lemos Foundation, for its financial support.

Supporters and Participants:Σύλλογος-Τριγλιανών-320x320.jpgΣύνδεσμος-Εργατών-Λιμένος-Λαυρίου-320x320.jpgΔιαδημοτικό-Λιμενικό-Ταμείο-Σάμου-320x320.jpgΟργανισμός-Λιμένα-Νομού-Χαλκίδας-320x320.jpgΛιμεναρχείο-Χανίων-320x320.jpg

You can read the official Press Release for the action here.