Educational course about Sustainable Fishing & Fishing Tourism

Enaleia is organizing for the 1st year the educational course about sustainable fishing & fishing tourism – “Fish Smarter” in collaboration with the Cyclades Preservation Fund and the Costas M. Lemos Foundation.

Description of the action: The action aims to give a full perspective of what fishing tourism is as a concept, as well as one professional fisherman can obtain a license for that and how he can attract tourists. In addition, if needed, more information on other sustainable fishing techniques is provided.

After the training, professional fisherman will be aware of:

  • what fishing tourism is
  • what exactly do they need to get the licence for it
  • how they can attract tourists
  • how they can earn more money by fishing less.

This educational course is free for the fishermen, thanks to our donors Cyclades Preservation Fund and Costas M. Lemos Foundation.

The training program aims to:

  • empower the coastal fishing
  • induct young people into professional fishing
  • decompress the already reduced fish stocks
  • increase the income of fishermen
  • boost the local economy by creating new jobs and increase tourist attraction to the island.

“Fish Smarter” pilot

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At June & July 2019 Enaleia team launched a pilot for the “Fish Smarter” program about sustainable fishing techniques and fishing tourism, in Zante, Lefkas, Milos and Kimolos island and trained in total 46 professional fishermen.

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