The Problem

Fish stocks in the Mediterranean have dropped dramatically due to overfishing, which is one of the biggest threats our seas are facing today. Overfishing is fishing beyond the limits that leads to the destruction of aquatic ecosystems through the excessive reduction of the number of aquatic organisms and sometimes their complete disappearance from their habitats.

The Solution

Fish Smarter is our solution in the effort of reducing overfishing. Through this project, we educate professional fishermen about the negative impact that overfishing has to the ecosystem and their jobs, and also train them on practices such as fishing tourism. Via this education, professional fishermen have the opportunity to increase their income while keeping fish stocks at healthy levels.

The Sustainable Fishing Tourism Project

Fish Smarter started in May of 2019 and, till this moment, it has motivated and trained 80 professional fishermen - 80 boats in 10 collaborating ports in Greece, giving them the opportunity to see major changes when it comes to their job, while at the same time they contribute to this win-win effort of reducing overfishing.

The Fish Smarter program of Enaleia is supported by the national donor Costas M. Lemos Foundation and the Cyclades Preservation Fund.αρχείο-λήψης-80x80.png

Ministerial Decisionαρχείο-λήψης-80x80.png

Application of Region of Atticaαρχείο-λήψης-80x80.png

Legislation and Taxation