Working together with fishermen towards a sustainable marine ecosystem.

Enaleia is a non-profit social enterprise tackling two directly related problems for the marine environment; The Reduction of Fish Stocks and Plastic Sea Pollution.
We teach fishing practices that preserve local fish populations and remove the mounds of plastic that pollute the world’s seas, adapting the fishing industry for a green future.
Our mission is to make the marine ecosystem sustainable by tackling both overfishing and plastic pollution.

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Our Projects

Mediterranean Clean Up

We train and incentivise fishermen to bring the plastics they “fish” back to port, collecting thousands of kilos of plastic from the bottom of the sea every day. Also, we collect their used fishing equipment to prevent them from ending up into the sea. In sequence, in collaboration with organizations and companies, the collected marine plastic is integrated into the circular economy for recycling and upcycling.

Fish Smarter

We train professional fishermen how to increase their income while fishing less, ensuring that fish stocks remain viable by informing them about sustainable fishing techniques such as fishing tourism. We also advocate and support fishing tourism through which professional fishermen may achieve a higher income whilst simultaneously decreasing their fishing effort.

Fishing School

We teach students not just how to fish, but also how to fish so fish can exist tomorrow.

0+ Kg

of Plastic

has been removed from the bottom of the Sea

0+ Kg

of used Fishing Nets

has been collected producing 260,000 pairs of socks



collecting plastic from the sea

Our Approach

A Solution For Cleaner Seas

Plastics on the seabed are not going to leave on their own. To solve this problem we have to do two things: to stop the leakage of plastic into the sea and at the same time to clean whatever plastic is already there.


Educating a new generation of eco conscious fishermen via our fishing school programme. Bringing new life and a new mentality to a rapidly declining industry.


Enaleia fishermen hand over their nets at the end of every season, preventing them from ending up at sea.


We work with 229 fishing boats in Greece and Italy to clean thousands of kilos of plastic from the sea every week. Most of this plastic then enters the circular economy through recycling or upcycling and becomes beautiful and useful new products.


The United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) has selected us in the 5 best actions in Europe in 2019 and 2020, in terms of positive impact on the environment.

For 2020, Lefteris Arapakis, our director, has been awarded as the European Young Champion of the Earth by the United Nations Environment Programme.