Mediterranean Clean Up

The Mediterranean Clean Up is a project of Enaleia, which aims at a sustainable marine ecosystem, through environmental education, prevention, sea cleanups, and making the most out of marine plastic!

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Fish Smarter

Fish Smarter is our solution in the effort of reducing overfishing.

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Fishing School

The first school for professional fishing in Greece, with the aim of educating young unemployed fishermen and their direct connection with the market.

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Bahari Safi

An innovative collaboration between organizations in Kenya and Greece to collect plastic from the seas of Kenya and discarded fishing gear.

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Journey to Ithaca

From devastation to paradise: Epic sea cleanup restores pristine beauty of the Greek island Ithaca with the removal of 76.000 kilos of debris.

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Clean Seas Campaign

A large port and land port cleanup in 8 locations in Greece that resulted in the removal of 14.155 kilos of marine plastic and other material.

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