Enaleia is a social enterprise aiming to make the marine ecosystem sustainable. We created the first professional fishing school in Greece at 2016. The aim was not just to train young people into the fishing sector, create new jobs and make sure that the professional fishing will survive in the future but, at the same time, to provide a high-quality, eco-friendly and ethical education. We teach fishermen how to earn more money, while catching less fish, making sure that the fish stocks stay in a healthy levels.

Also, we train, empower and  motivate old & new fishermen to collect plastic from the sea, in a more effective and efficient way than the ones being implemented now. It is a system-based solution, where we want to create motivation for the fishermen to catch less fish, and more plastic, so as, to enjoy long term benefits in their work.

We focus not only in ocean waste cleanups, but in ocean waste management as well (recycling & upcycling). That means we collaborate with companies and organizations to find ways to utilize this marine litter/plastic at the maximum level possible.

The UN Environment Program selected us among the Top 5 best initiatives in Europe for 2019 for its positive impact on the environment. You can read more here.

You can read more about our action on the plastic in an article for us  in The Guardian.


A world were humans and the marine environment coexist in peace and harmony.


To solve two problems that correlate to a great extend:

Reduction of fish stocks

Fish stocks have decreased by 30% the last 30 years ( Eurostat, 2016),

Plastic pollution of the oceans

By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea (Ellen MacArthur Foundation).

Our team

We are young with vision, we invest in the greek economy and we believe in the power of social entrepreneurship.

Lefteris Arapakis

General Director & Co-founder

Grigoris Nitas

Mechanical Engineer & Operations Manager








  • Top 5 actions with a positive environmental impact in Europe for 2019, by the United Nations Environment Program (UN Environment)
  • Ashoka's Impact program, the world's largest network of social entrepreneurs who put their innovative ideas into practice in social change and social problem solving
  • Stelios Philanthropic Foundation - Top 10 Startups in Greece - 2019
  • Invitation to speak at We Love Green Music Festival 2019 - Paris
  • Participation in the Higgs Accelerator 2019
  • Participation in Climate Kic Accelerator 2019
  • Angelopoulos - Clinton GIU fellowship
  • Best business idea in the 6th IAEA Competition of Athens University of Economics and Business.
  • Invitation to speak at TEDx Kavala 2017
  • Mindspace Challenge 2017 winners
  • EUXCEL competition for the Pan-European Entrepreneurship Conference
  • Best Business Venture by GSEA 2017
  • Bluegrowth Piraeus 2016.

What we do:

      About environment:

Ocean clean-ups

Recycling & upcycling

Environmental awareness & prevention

Our impact :

Our current societal impact is that:

  • During the last fishing period (October ‘18 - May ‘19) we motivated 10 fishing boats to work with us, and we cleaned in total 16 tonnes of marine litter, from which 83% was plastic
  • we upcycled 5.000kg of fishing nets
  • we trained 179+ fishermen in sustainable fishing
  • we trained 68+ unemployed in the fishing profession
  • created 25+ jobs.

We provide solutions

We created a curriculum with a purpose to a rapid exit into the fishing market with all the necessary skills.


We are trying to find ways to utilize (recycle, upcycle, reuse) this marine litter/plastic at the maximum level possible.

Innovative ideas

● First fishing school in Greece
● For the first time in Greece we are cleaning up the oceans in collaboration with fisherman

Contact us

To declare your interest about our educational trainings on environmental awareness, sustainable fishing, fishing tourism or for partnerships and donations.


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Contact us:


Kefallinias 46, Athens, 11252


Lefteris Arapakis – 697 099 2220

Grigoris Nitas – 698 345 0173


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